6 August 2021
Valorant 2.05 update annoyed players

Valorant 2.05 update annoyed players

Recently Riot team Valuing released a new patch for the game under the name of 2.05 update. With the update, many bugs were fixed and new features were included in the game. However, both Reddit user of Affectionate Gift916According to the report of both players and their feedback, players started to be unable to enter the game due to a critical error. The error that prevents the game from starting properly continues to give players really hard moments.

Fixes with patch 2.05

With the new update, many problems were eliminated and a more stable game fluency was aimed. Fixes included changes to blocking AFK players and slang messages in the chat system. Also included in this update are some balance changes between characters and fixes for many problems with the weapons they use.

Despite all these efforts, a critical error was showing itself that prevented the game from running properly. This problem, which was revealed with the feedback of the players, still maintains its mystery in the solution point. There is no error message and crash report about this problem on the start screen. That’s why users trying to open the game face the problem of not responding. Having problem TheBeast572 of the user TwitterYou can look at his post in.

Task manager window is also not working

Again thanks to the feedback, we learned, Task ManagerThe problem of not opening is also included in this error sequence. Reddit According to the report shared by Affectionate_Gift916 user on the platform, it reports that the error is related to the game trying to reopen itself.

Valorant 2.05 update

Problem after Valorant 2.05 update

They overcame the problem by reinstalling Vanguard

On the other hand, the Riot team has not yet acknowledged this error and has not officially confirmed it. However, some users have managed to fix this problem. The protection system developed by the Riot team for the Valorant game VanguardMany people resolved this error by reinstalling. However, the solution to the problem did not work the same for every user.

The error occurred especially North America, Europe and AsiaIt is present in many regions, including in. So a bug where hundreds of players from each region provide feedback is indeed an indication that this is a critical problem.

So far, Riot officials have not shared any information on this topic. Valorant players on social media platforms such as Twitter continue to share their disappointments in this regard. The players want the authorities to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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