30 July 2021
Valorant introduces its newest space agent

Valorant introduces its newest space agent

Riot starts the second act of Valorant with another character who can flex the rules of reality. The developer says “to control the battlefield.the energies of the cosmos“Using Ghanaian being an agent Astraintroduced.

Valorant’s newest agent: Astra

The new character produces gravitational wells, explosive nebulae and smoke-like nebulae.the starsIt goes into an astral form to place it. also space agent and the two stars, which block the bullets and suppress the sounds “a cosmic divide”You can create.

ValuingThe new character of Astra, 2 MartIt will be playable with a new battle pass in. Astra üFree users offer a new gun, a new Versus card, a new friend and a new spray, while for payers an ax, a Cavalier Vandal and Operator, another Versus They will take the card and their own sprays.

AstraIt is thought to be too early to say how well will work in practice. However, the inclusion of Riot Valuing It is stated that it will help to outline its ongoing strategy.

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