1 August 2021
Van Lake made it to the finals in NASA competition

Van Lake made it to the finals in NASA competition

US Aerospace Agency (NASA), in a Van Lake including photo Tournament Earth He started the photo contest called (World Tournament). In the competition TurkeyThe Van Lake photograph taken from space representing Turkey is on the final.

8 Mart’ta starting and 20 years throughout Astronauts from the International Space Station competition of unique natural beauties by 32 photos had started with.

Van Lake and Moving Stars will compete in the final

Lake Van in the quarter-finals and what happened in the Philippines in 2015 Maysak TayfunuThere was a cutthroat competition between the eyes of. As a result of the voting, Lake Van, percent 52,5 He went to the semi-finals by voting and became one of the best 4 photographs in the competition. In the semifinals over the Bahamas Castellanus Your votes against the cloud tower 94 percentHe managed to stay in the finals by taking his reputation.

Van Lake

Rich in carbonate species and salts, the basin is the world’s largest alkaline lake.

If in the final Astronot Don Pettit by 2012 on the American continent taken with the long exposure technique in “Stars in motion” astronaut in 2016 Kate Rubins an alkaline lake attracted by Van Lake will compete.

stars in motion

A compilation of dozens of long exposure photographs taken from outer space transforms stars into striking rings, city lights and fires into colorful streaks.

How do you vote for NASA’s final type?

Votes in the last round for NASA’s World Competition 12 Aprilwill end in. You can find enlarged versions of the photos and the opportunity to vote by getting more information about them on Nasa’s website. Right now to the link Click to reach the address of the competition and use your vote.

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