4 August 2021
Van Lake photo came first with our votes

Van Lake photo came first with our votes

US Aerospace Agency (NASA) edited by Tournament Earth The photo contest named has ended. representing Turkey Van Lake photo won first place in the competition.

20 candidates showed up for the photo contest where unique natural beauties from different geographies of the world competed. On the International Space Station (ISS) The photo representing our country in the delightful contest consisting of photographs recorded by the astronauts who took part for more than twenty years, surpassed all its competitors and reached the top.

Lake Van photo surpasses “moving stars”

Turkey’s east, located in Van and Bitlis From Lakeis known as the world’s largest salty soda lake. The basin, which is rich in carbonate species as well as salt, Astronot Don Pettit taken with the long exposure technique in 2012 by American continent over “moving stars”Made it to the finals with his photo.


Lake Van – Stars in Motion

Astronot Kate Rubins The Van Lake photo taken by him on September 12, 2016 caused the website where the vote was held to crash. It has provided a great contribution to Turkey for voting. However, on the last day of the voting, the state officials requesting votes from social media for the competition increased this traffic even more. Unable to handle the crowd, the website was temporarily unable to serve.

So what do you think about the Van Lake photograph that won the NASA competition? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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