14 April 2021
Van Lake photo is a favorite in NASA's competition 5 years later- ShiftDelete.Net

Van Lake photo is a favorite in NASA’s competition 5 years later- ShiftDelete.Net

US Aerospace Agency (NASA), in a Van Lake including photo Tournament Earth He started the photo contest named (World Tournament). photo taken from space in the first round of the contest representing Turkey salty soda lake was greeted with joy in our country.

Unique natural beauties shot in different geographies of the world show competition photo contest for 20 candidates shows height. International Space StationThere is only one day left to the end of the first round in the delightful contest, which consists of photographs recorded by the astronauts who took part in

Support calls for Lake Van started on social media

Turkey’s east, Lake Van in the provinces of Van and Bitlisis known as the world’s largest salty soda lake. The basin, which is rich in carbonate species as well as salt, With a photo showing Thailand and Cambodia with night lights racing. While both photos attract attention with their beauty; Turkish users on social media expressed their excitement and called for support for Van to be chosen first.

Van Lake

The photograph of Lake Van, which was a candidate for NASA’s photo contest, was taken in 2016.

A message from the Governor of Van to his countrymen

NASA nominated for a photo contest organized by Van Lake excitement has spread to every part of the society. Van Governor Mehmet Emin BilmezSpeaking to Anadolu Agency, he stated that the photo was considered among the favorites with the following words:

This competition has been an opportunity to increase the awareness of Lake Van in the world. Lake Van is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is inherited from history to us. We believe that we should preserve this value and pass it on to new generations. Thanks to this competition, I hope the awareness on Lake Van will be increased. I expect our fellow countrymen to be interested in this competition as well.

With the above statement, Governor Mehmet Emin Bilmez waited for support from the citizens to show interest in this contest, similar to the posts on social media. He stated that such a natural beauty would be recognized in the world by this means.

How to vote for NASA’s World Competition?

1st round for NASA’s World Competition 15 Mart in history, so tomorrow will end. In the USA, voting for the first round will be closed at noon. The time given to visitors to vote is very limited. Right now to the link Click to reach the address of the competition and use your vote.

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