5 August 2021
Video editing feature has come to Google Photos

Video editing feature has come to Google Photos

Google, Photos released a new update for the app. The company, which has changed the service from being an ordinary photo / video viewing tool, video editing features added. Cut, trim Besides basic functions such as add filter Photos, which became more useful with fine details such as, became an alternative to most mobile video editing software.

Google Photos can now edit videos

Actually Google Photos There were video editing tools in the application, but the operations that these functions could do were limited. Only trimming, fixing, rotating It allowed simple actions such as. The update released by Google today has brought more editing tools to the application. In addition, the company has revamped Photos’ video viewing interface, making it modern.

Thanks to Google Photos, you can now shorten the minutes of your videos and change the frame width. for example 18:9 the aspect ratio of a video with 4:3 You can shrink it to square shape in format. 3: 2, 16: 9, kare Offering predefined options such as, Google allows you to adjust your video according to the ratio you want. Also if you want the video right left you can rotate them in their direction.

Google Photos One of the innovations in the update released for ‘Marking’ tool. Thanks to this function that allows you to highlight an important part of your video, you can draw the screen with the color you want. That area you draw is recorded on video. Thus, your emphasis does not disappear when sharing on a media like WhatsApp.

Google has added to the Photos app with the new update. ‘Filters’ added tab. Here is the total you can use in your videos 13 grain filter is included. Level of 0-100 With these filters you can change between, you can add a different atmosphere to your shots. also ‘No’ You can also restore your video by selecting the option.

Another feature added with the update is ‘Set’ tab. Your videos brightness, saturation and many more in this tab that allows you to change its values. 10There are more than one vehicle. The list of tools Google added is as follows:

White point
Bright areas
Black Point
Skin tone
Blue ton

New features available to all Android devices

Google Photos The video editing tools in the app were exclusive to Pixel smartphones until now. However, Google offered today’s update to all Android devices, regardless of brand. So regardless of the brand of your phone, click Photos from the link You can access new features by updating.

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