30 July 2021
Video with a blank gun costed your life

Video with a blank gun costed your life

We have often heard about people who lost their lives while trying to produce content for social media platforms. Recently, a teenager died trying to shoot a TikTok video. Unfortunately, a new one has been added to these. A group of friends gathered in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi in Patnos district of Ağrı yesterday evening and decided to shoot videos to produce content for a social media platform. The blank gun they brought for the video is from the young Muhammet Halim TasdemirIt caused the death of.


Armed video is the end

The young man with a blank gun in his hand started shooting videos by holding the gun to his head. The gun fired at an unknown cause and the teenager was injured in his head. Muhammet Halim Taşdemir, who was taken to Patnos State Hospital for his treatment, could not be saved. While there was an unfinished video behind the young man, his body was sent to Trabzon Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy.

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