1 August 2021
Vietnam DLC for ARMA 3 coming

Vietnam DLC for ARMA 3 coming

WEAPON 3 It is one of the most popular simulation FPS games and it gets better with every DLC coming day by day. WEAPON 3 The Vietnamese DLC will add a one-player story to the game. The game’s mod developers Vietnam DLCHe will definitely get hurt. Among the simulation FPS games, Rising Storm game similar to this DLC can be cited as an example. But Rising Storm 2, WEAPON 3 does not have as many players.

ARMA 3 Vietnam DLC release date and price

The DLC package is made by the Savage Game Design developers in ARMA 3. DLC single player, multiplayer scenarios and will support Co-op gameplay. DLC’s original name S.O.G. Prairie Fire has been determined as. The DLC is designed to represent the entire operational area of ​​the Vietnam war. Map size 300 square kilometers is stated to be.

ARMA 3 Vietnam DLC'si

DLC also In the vietnam war The various warriors involved in your weapons, their uniforms and will include other equipment. Developer Savage Game Design, DLC US Special Forces Military Aid Command, Vietnam: Studies and Observations Group states that it developed with veterans and Vietnamese consultants.

ARMA 3 Vietnam DLC’si (S.O.G. Prairie Fire) is developed with third-party studios. Vietnam DLC Will be released in the second quarter of 2021 and Will be sold with a price tag of $ 22.99. DLC is not yet clear at what price will be sold in Turkey. DLC’nin You can access the Steam page here.

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