30 July 2021
Virgin Galactic postpones space tourism flights

Virgin Galactic postpones space tourism flights

Virgin Galactic, space tourism flights 2022delayed to the heads of. Of the company 2021The prospects for space tourism in Turkey looked low after the engine ignition failure in December 2020 withdrew its test flight schedule, and now the company is giving up its hopes of achieving this goal.

Virgin Galactic has lost hope for this year

Parabolic ArcAccording to the report, Virgin is using its latest earnings to delay space tourism flights to 2022. Also during an interview, the company CEO Michael Colglazierstated that the next rocket-powered test flight could not take place until May, about six months after the first test.

Virgin Galactic on the other hand, 30 MartIt has also been confirmed that it will reveal the next spaceship SpaceShip 3. In addition, the company lives gIt is thought that the delays will clearly damage the bottom line. So much so that the space company in the last quarter of 2020 74 million It was stated that he lost dollars.

Despite the delay, 30 MartThe company, which is preparing to introduce the next spaceship SpaceShip 3 in Istanbul, shared a remarkable visual with the “Future of the Fleet” note on its Twitter account.

Finally, despite all the failures Virgin GalacticIt is thought that he was clearly prepared for a day when he regularly took toll-paying passengers into space.

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