4 August 2021
Volkswagen's driverless van: ID.Buzz - ShiftDelete.Net

Volkswagen’s driverless van: ID.Buzz – ShiftDelete.Net

Volkswagenusing retro style electric vans Argo AI will start testing its driverless systems in Germany this year.

In the past periods VWthe electric van 2022 He announced that he would reach the sales channels until the year. But after a while German The automobile company removed this announcement. After the announcement was lifted, news from the firm’s commercial division confirmed that the vehicle still has a chance for next year.

ID.Buzz will begin to be tested on German roads

Beyond that VW Autonomous Driving Manager, Christian Senger on the topic For the first time this year, we are conducting field trials in Germany where Argo AI’s autonomous driving system will be used on a version of the future ID ” made a statement and clarified the allegations.

In addition Argo AIIt should be noted that is the autonomous driving technology that Ford and Volkswagen partner to invest and develop.

Two car companies to strengthen the concept of calling a vehicle and creating a pool with autonomous minibuses that can operate in urban areas. ID.BuzzIt develops minibuses to use self-driving technology based on

With a new announcement, VW has published the concept draft of the driverless test vehicle that the Germans can see on the road at any time.

Lidar minibus with sensors visible in the corners and a ceiling-mounted ledge, AutoblogAs pointed out, it doesn’t have the retro-themed two-tone color scheme we’ve seen in previous versions of ID.Buzz. VW vans We think we should wait for it to emerge to see how it will turn out.

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