21 April 2021
Volocopter gives date for flying taxis

Volocopter gives date for flying taxis

With the advancing technology and increasing possibilities, dreams that seemed almost impossible in the past turn into reality. Especially space tourist space One of the biggest dreams of humanity is coming true in these days when the journey is spoken. This dream, which has graced science fiction movies in the past, is now coming true. Flying taxi and set out to offer personal flying vehicles Volocopterreceived a very serious investment. The future is here now.

Volocopter, flying taxis in the skies in 2 years

Volocopter; South In germany an established enterprise. Founded about two years ago, the company develops various flying vehicles. The initiative, which develops vehicles that can take off vertically, is one of the pioneers in its field. Finally $ 241 million The flying taxi initiative, which received the D series investment, wants to radically change transportation very soon.

Volocopter CEO’s Florian Reuter, in his statement ” VolaCity We hope to receive our certification within two years. We plan to implement flying taxi operations right after. ” said. Service first Paris and Singapore will be available for use. Attempt, Paris 2024 He wants his own vehicles to be used in the Olympics. First attempts Stuttgart, Helsinki and Dubai’de performed successfully. At the same time ABD works for the market.


Alex Zosel, one of the founders of the company

Although flying taxi sounds exciting, there are serious problems that need to be solved. Almost no country has a legal regulation on this issue. This situation needs to be resolved before the service is available. Basically a gigantic Drone These vehicles currently have two modes, piloted and automatic. But in the future completely autonomous can be used without the need for a pilot.

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