29 July 2021
Warzone's new map has arrived with a big gap

Warzone’s new map has arrived with a big gap

Call of Duty Warzone Recently Verdansk ’84 switched to the map. There have also been important changes in the map that came with the third season. Also, some weapons have been recalibrated. Warzone players, just two days after release Verdansk ’84 discovered some vulnerabilities in the map. The developer of the game, Raven Software, with the new map 1984 period added some structures to the game. Changes have been made to the Airport and Stadium, which are important locations in Warzone. The resulting deficit It is stated that it is caused by these changes..

Warzone Verdansk ’84 map can be entered under some structures

Some players started reporting being killed by enemies they couldn’t see. The places where players are frequently killed by these invisible enemies are Stadium and Airport. Verdansk ’84 map Stadium and Airport players can enter under the map in their regions. Some Reddit users He found how to enter the bottom of the map. A lot of posts about this vulnerability have been made on Reddit and Twitter.

Under the map Glitch at Airport from CODWarzone

In the video above Reddit user named WeeabooDude762 He showed in detail the vulnerability under the airport. You can enter the airport by passing through a door. In this case, the opponent players cannot see and harm you. On the contrary, you can see opponent players and damage them.

YAbst a named Twitter user He shared images of the player using the gap under the stadium. Not understanding where the attack was coming from at first, JAbsten realizes that after he dies, the opponent is below the map. This vulnerability in the map annoys many players. Warzone’s developer Raven Software He did not make a statement regarding the deficit in question. However, it is estimated that the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

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