30 July 2021
Watch Dogs: Legion gets expected update

Watch Dogs: Legion gets expected update

Ubisoft, Watch Dogs Legionannounced the release date for the multiplayer mode. According to the description of the developer company 9 MartYou will be able to roam with your friends in a virtual version of London.

Watch Dogs LegionThanks to the multiplayer mode of the game, you will be able to explore the world of the game with your friends, take on challenges and get involved in city events. It should also be noted that up to four players will have common missions in the new mode.

Multiplayer mode will be available for free

The free update is a four-player game with five interconnected missions Tactical Operation contains. Ubisoft notes that this is endgame content for gamers looking for a challenge.

That’s why you create a high-quality team of characters and Package Leader It is stated that you need to make sure you upgrade your devices before undertaking the operation.

Multiplayer mode at the same time your game Spiderbot Arena judicial PVP will also unlock the mod. Besides that, four players will take control of the armed spider robots and can fight in a death match.

When you complete online events, rewards will be unlocked, as well as gaining experience and rank up. Additionally, more co-quests, characters, and games are available as part of free updates to the game throughout the year. PVE mode will come.

In addition 9 Mart‘ta Watch Dogs: Legion There will be two additional single player missions for season pass holders. These players also Bloodline story expansion, more playable characters and extra DedSec they will take their jobs later this year.

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