28 July 2021
Watch out for the pink WhatsApp application!  Spreading danger

Watch out for the pink WhatsApp application! Spreading danger

Each of the data stored on our smartphones is user privacy. However, some malware infiltrates our phones with their optimistic outlook and steals our data. Here is the last application detected. WhatsApp horn happened.

Frequently voiced this week WhatsApp horn app comes with the theme view and puts user privacy at great risk as well. In summary, all your data on the phone is faced with theft due to this application.

Watch out for the pink WhatsApp that is said to offer a theme

Allegedly bringing a new look to the popular WhatsApp application WhatsApp horn, from internet security researchers in the past weeks Rajshekhar Rajaharia It was detected by. Rajshekhar, this dangerous practice Twitter shared from the account. He also stated that this practice is often seen in groups.

Hackers share in groups ”WhatsApp in Pink” With the application, users are accessing their information. Users actually share their data with this application, which they download to experience a new theme. This makes it pink in malicious people WhatsApp It comes to the stage of stealing some of your information with its application.

WhatsApp horn

pink WhatsApp app is often shared in groups

It is unclear to what extent this scam is currently spreading. But internet security researcher Rajshekhar, We recommend that you uninstall this application as soon as possible so that you can regain control of your data. However, after the application is downloaded to your devices, it can disappear from the home screen. Therefore, for complete cleaning, you will need to go to the applications section from the settings. This setting may differ depending on the phone model. Accordingly, you can remove this malicious software from your phone or tablet by going to the settings of your own device.

However, deleting the application may not be a sufficient solution. For this, there are a few things you need to do after deleting pink WhatsApp. After uninstalling the app from your device go to the regular WhatsApp app and Web / Desktop Find the menu. Here, remove your account connected with computer or other devices, if any. If you can do it later, it is recommended that you also clear your browser cache. After all these processes, you can connect WhatsApp back to the desktop or web application.

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