30 July 2021
We bid farewell to the original map of Verdansk forever

We bid farewell to the original map of Verdansk forever

Activision’s successful battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzonethe developer of Raven Software, CharlieIntelIn an interview with, he explained that the original version of the Verdansk map will never be played again.

Bombed as part of a special event Verdansk map, new map with 80s mood Verdansk 84replaced with. After this change, together with Infinity Ward, the developer studio is Raven Software, He said the map was gone forever.

“Verdansk map will not come back”

Studio assistant creative director Amos Hoge, “We have been playing fondly since last year. Verdansk his map will never be played again. The players do not know this, the original Verdansk he has gone and will not come back ”.


However, there is a possibility that the original map will be brought back after a while. For Apex Legends for a limited time event AND King’s Canyon brought back his map. So if the players also want the old map, the studio can surprise them at a special event.

Warzonetrying to keep the battlefield fresh and interesting. Activison it’s no surprise to you. New map released yesterday Verdansk 84 There are many details to see and discover on the map. Besides, later in the year Activison, next premium Call of Duty playful Sledgehammer Games developed by Call of Duty: WW2 Vanguardwill launch. With the release of the game WarzoneTheme changes are expected in.

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