28 July 2021
We entered the Digital Truck of the Directorate of Communications

We entered the Digital Truck of the Directorate of Communications

Directorate of Communications, Digital Truck He tells about the cultural, historical and scientific values ​​of our country with his project. Also in this truck travel make, not subject to charge. Founder of ShiftDelete.Net Hakki Alkan, Toured the Digital Truck and explained the details.

Inside the Digital Truck virtual mannequin, magic mirror and virtual box There are technologies such as interesting. You can also see these devices closely in the video.

Digital Tor, travels around Turkey

Within the scope of the project of the Directorate of Communication, the route of the Digital Truck passes through many cities. Hakkı Alkan toured the truck, which is currently in Tekirdağ. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado.

Click for the digital truck route

Same time Digital Truck Among the technologies within İHA simulation is also included. Bayraktar TB2You can use the simulation in the truck. The UAV is directed by body movements, not by a controller in the game.

In Digital Truck In addition to the technologies involved pandemic conditions are also taken into account. Due to the epidemic, those who want to visit the truck can enter with a mask. Also without entering the truck free as mask There is also the possibility to buy.

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