22 April 2021
We evaluated 2021 plans with MediaMarkt CEO

We evaluated 2021 plans with MediaMarkt CEO

The year 2020, when the coronavirus epidemic broke out, was a turning point for many companies. With the transformation of homes into education centers and offices, many users, computer, tablet, headset and printer It turned to electronic devices such as. So how was the industry affected by this? How did electronic stores adapt to the new era?

mediamarktsaturn Retail Group COO and CEO MediaMarkt Turkey Yenal I Gökyıld and MediaMarkt Turkey Marketing, Corporate Communications and e-Commerce Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications Director MediaMarkt Sweden Flew Cagayan Atay we talked about this process with.

What are the objectives of the MediaMarkt Turkey’s 2021?

Stating that the stores were closed for about 70 days due to the pandemic, Yenal Gökyıldırım said, “We noticed that we were getting stronger in the e-commerce side as well. That’s why we focused more on this subject. “We’ve come a long way in fast shipping and good service in just a few weeks,” he said.

200 thousand square meters Reminding that they have a sales area, gökıldırım said, “We have brought our stores to the highest level in terms of hygiene. We have also earned customers’ trust. In this way 45 percent We have achieved growth ”. I’m sky, your online sales too 7 kat emphasized that it increased.

Both MediaMarkt stores and website will be 175 million visitors Stating that she hosted her, she said:

“With evolution of technology electronic items, managed to rise to the top of the people’s needs list. We have observed that the users who pay particular attention to hygiene tend to focus more on issues such as washing machines and dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and air cleaning devices. “

* Shooting was carried out under safe conditions by taking pandemic measures.

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