22 April 2021
We have listed the best AR apps for education!

We have listed the best AR apps for education!

In recent years, while the Augmented Reality (AR) storm has blown around the world, the education sector has also integrated into this technology. With which applications is it possible to connect the real world with the virtual world and simultaneously overlay digital content such as audio, video or 3D on the “real” and turn the reality into more? Our young editor Kerem explained.

We have listed the best AR apps for education!

Thanks to the hardware and software used in Augmented Reality applications, it is enriched by adding virtual data on the real world that we perceive around us. Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality does not immerse the user in a computer-based virtual simulation that will detach the user from reality. Instead, it enriches the existing reality. In this video, we explained the AR-based applications you can use for education. Have a good time.

One of the most frequently used translation tools in daily life Google Translate, in the mobile app instant camera translation feature won hearts with. Aiming to facilitate users’ lives with its mobile translation application, Google Instant camera translation; It supports a total of 88 languages ​​with the addition of 60 new languages ​​such as Arabic, Hindi, Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese. Turkish is one of the languages ​​supported by camera translation.

Mondly ARis the first Augmented Reality language learning app to offer your own virtual language learning assistant. Supported by chatbots, Mondly AR makes it easier to learn languages ​​by allowing you to participate in verbal dialogues and receive instant pronunciation feedback.

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