1 August 2021
We looked for household goods in the Samsung store

We looked for household goods in the Samsung store

During the pandemic period, we all chose to stay at our homes whenever we could. For this reason, there was a need to make changes in some household items. In particular, we took a closer look at Samsung televisions and other household items to better watch digital content that we started to spend time with.

We took a closer look at the household items in the Samsung store

Let’s examine many products from Samsung OLED TV to washing machine and dishwasher and leave you alone with our video, where we experience the Samsung Store. Have a good time.

To view and purchase products in the Samsung Store: https://bit.ly/39h2ogu

The Samsung Q800T QLED 8K Smart TV, which has a four-sided frameless and stylish design, is available in three different size options. The effect of 33 million pixels can be felt clearly on this television with a resolution of 8K 7680 x 4320 pixels.

We cannot ignore the effect of the processor as well as the resolution. Powerful Quantum Processor 8K thanks to, AI Upgrade and Adaptive image feature Thanks to this, your pleasure will be multiplied With 100 Percent Color Volume Quantum Dot technologytakes light and converts it into colors that remain true at any level of brightness.

Another product we have experienced is Samsung’s 800-liter Triple Cooling Triple Cooling Technology 4-Door Wardrobe Type No-Frost Refrigerator.

Samsung, Triple Cooling Triple Cooling Technologyensures that special coolers transmit cold air to 3 compartments separately. In this way, the ideal level of coldness and humidity is achieved and also the smells of the dishes do not mix.

The name of this pod is Flexible Partition. There are four different cold settings as “Cooler, Light Cooler, Light Freezer and Freezer”. For example, with one touch, you can turn this compartment from a fridge to a freezer.

Digital Inverter Compressor It automatically adjusts its speed at 7 different levels according to the cooling requirement. Thus, it consumes less energy, keeps noise to a minimum and reduces wear and tear for a long-lasting operation. A 10-year compressor warranty is provided for you to use it with peace of mind. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection in the refrigerator, remote control can also be done.

We examined the Samsung WD10N644R2W / AH 10 kg 1400 rpm washer dryer as the washing machine that comes to mind when it comes to white goods.

Washing and drying in 59 minutes With this feature, get your clothes ready to be worn in less than an hour. Your machine washes small amounts of lightly soiled clothes for 18 minutes and dries for 41 minutes. so saving time and energy you can provide.

Thanks to the AddWash cover on the machine, you can easily add softener or if there is a product you forget to wash even after starting the machine.

The Samsung DW60M6072FS Solo Dishwasher has a large LED display and 7 different washing programs. Thanks to the flexible shelf system, you can easily wash your long kitchen items by adjusting the height.

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