1 August 2021
We made our own publisher keyboard for 150 TL!

We made our own publisher keyboard for 150 TL!

Publisher keyboards, which greatly facilitate the work of publishers on the computer, are quite expensive with the effect of the dollar. We made and analyzed a stream deck for only 150 TL for you.

We made our own broadcaster keyboard for cheap

If you wish, let’s leave you alone with our video to extend the word further. Have a good time.

To purchase equipment that you can make a broadcaster keyboard: https://bit.ly/listelerim

To download the encoding file: https://bit.ly/3fDs4rl

If you’re streaming, it’s one of the last things you want to show viewers some transitions and present annoying footage. You may want to use different sound effects and similar content in your broadcast to add a different atmosphere.

With the broadcaster keyboard, that is, stream deck, you can make these transitions with a single button or add a different atmosphere to your broadcast. On this keyboard we made with Arduino Pro Micro, you can easily use multiple keys by assigning the shortcuts you use the most, WASD keys that are frequently used in games or different shortcuts.

There is also a wheel on the 7-button keyboard in our project. With this wheel, you can adjust different transitions whether you want to shorten the volume. We printed the keyboard keys we used in the project from the 3D printer. If you want to do it, you can use the keyboard keys that are sold ready in the market.

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