19 April 2021
We made the Philips Hue, which was sold for 900 TL, for 400 TL!

We made the Philips Hue, which was sold for 900 TL, for 400 TL!

Those who want to create a different ambiance with indoor smart lighting often cannot find a product due to the cost. We made Philips Hue, known for its smart lighting product group in the market, at a more affordable price ourselves.

Make your own Philips Hue lighting for 400 TL

If you wish, we are here with our video where you will learn that you can create a different environment in your home at an affordable price without further ado. Have a good time.

To purchase LED lighting: https://bit.ly/3s2GF2y

Exchange rate and shortage of raw material production directly affected the technology sector as well as any other industry. Philips Hue smart lighting system, which is currently sold in the market in the 900 TL band, attracts the attention of many users.

Users who give up purchasing due to the high price will be able to make their own Philips Hue at a more affordable price. With the Wi-Fi supported LED lights, you can apply the lighting you want via the mobile application by simply plugging in.

Add ambiance to your home decoration or adjust your color concentration according to the content behind the TV in this set, which includes a total of 300 LED lights with a length of 5 meters. If you want, you can control the lights wirelessly or via remote control. The Philips Hue system you have made for 400 TL can be controlled by voice via Amazon Alexa.

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