30 July 2021
We played PlayStation 5 in Honda E!

We played PlayStation 5 in Honda E!

Major brands of the automobile industry are making remarkable improvements, especially for electric vehicles. In this context Honda E Among its features, there is a talent to please the players. The tool is PlayStation 5 offers the opportunity to play. This feature Hakki Alkan, Baby raid known by name Omer Basdogan tested with.

Honda E provides the opportunity to play PlayStation 5

Japanese car company Honda, a large number of electric vehicles to the screen and HDMI gave place to the entrance. Therefore, in the vehicle, PlayStation 5 the opportunity to play also appeared. Nalet Bebe in the car FIFA 21 played. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado.

Honda E specifications The most striking point for technology enthusiasts among screen is happening. Especially HDMI Different contents can be played in the vehicle, which has a jack and Bluetooth connection. Content can be consumed on two screens of the car, which has 6 screens. These two screens; 12.3 inch in size and LCD has the panel. At the same time touch There is also support.

You can see the screens in the car and the experience of playing PS5 in the car in the video.

On the other hand, for the PlayStation 5, which attracts players, the stock problem continues in many regions. In Turkey, almost impossible to find with Sony PS5 Turkey Guarantee. However, this will change in the future.

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