30 July 2021
We talked about Dell Technology's corporate solutions

We talked about Dell Technology’s corporate solutions

With the participation of Dell Teknoloji, Tech Data and Network Kurumsal Dell Technologies PowerStore Webinar it ended. Participants talked about the problems corporate customers are experiencing today and the solutions developed by Dell Teknoloji.

Network Corporate General Manager for you Oktay Erol, Dell Technologies Partners Data Center Technical Advisor Feyza Basaran and Tech Data Dell Technologies Technical Consultant Fatih Kandemir We prepared a summary about the subjects he touched upon.

Dell PowerStore What kind of advantages does it provide to users?

Konteyner (Container) With the introduction of based systems into our lives update and sustainability rate increased. Dell, PowerStoreOS The container-based software architecture known as the operating system managed to minimize the error rate and security risks.

PowerStore compared to previous midrange storage solutions 7 kat more IOPs performance and 3 kat offers lower latency.

Dell Technology solutions have architecture that supports different protocols at the same time. Both Intel him the AMD The company, which has products with processors, meets its customers with a suitable solution for every need.

What was discussed at Dell Teknoloji PowerStore Webinar?

Artificial intelligence supported PowerStore comes with its programmable infrastructure and autonomous optimization features. End-to-end automation and DevOps processes it’s getting easier.

Bundled with PowerStore Dell EMCstands out with its proactive situation analysis feature. CloudIQ Dell EMC, with its cloud-based software called Dell EMC, allows managers to take quick action and storage areas allows you to use it more efficiently.

Flexible consumption Thanks to its feature, payment solutions can be provided according to usage. In addition, PowerStore, which has flexible distribution, offers the opportunity to modernize without interruption.

Confronted with the laboratory to simulate the usage scenarios of its customers TechData, It can show live what percentage of storage efficiency its customers will achieve.

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