21 April 2021
We transferred files from Android to iPhone in seconds

We transferred files from Android to iPhone in seconds

Making file transfers over the Internet has become a very important need. We are constantly sharing files in our school, work and private life. Although there are many sites that come to the fore in this field, file sharing sites that offer more advanced features are opened. Snapdrop, one of the last sites opened in the field of file sharing, allows you to transfer files wirelessly over the same network regardless of the operating system.

Send files from any device with Snapdrop, the AirDrop alternative

With Snapdrop, which is a very useful application for wireless file sharing with an interface similar to AirDrop, we transferred files from Android to iOS in seconds. So how? Here is the answer!

How to use a Snapdrop?

When your devices to send and receive files are connected to the same Wi-Fi network Snapdrop websiteopen. Just like AirDrop, you will see the devices active in the application.

Select the device you want to send to, then select the file you want to send. When the other device approves this request, your file will be sent within seconds.

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