21 April 2021
We tried the ambient lighting sold on the A101

We tried the ambient lighting sold on the A101

The ambient lighting (Ambilight) technology, which is liked by many users, now meets the users with its affordable price advantage. Sold on A101 Piranha ambient lighting We are here with the review.

Piranha ambient lighting review

ShiftDelete.Net We continue to appear with different content on the YouTube channel. In this video, we examine the LED ambient lighting system produced by Piranha. If you wish, let’s not extend the word further and leave you with our video.

Accessory that we can describe as a price performance product, sound sensitivity also have the feature. Ambient lighting that can be used with television and monitor, 4 pcs 22cm It comes across with the strip LED.

8 colors The model, which attracts attention with its illumination feature, can also be controlled with an infrared remote control. The device, which has a plug and play system, can be powered by USB.

Thanks to its sensitivity to sound, more realistic results are obtained when listening to music or watching movies. The device, which won the appreciation of the users thanks to its affordable price and features, was put on sale at A101 branches for a short time.

If you wish, you can develop your own ambient lighting system via the link below and use it on all TVs and monitors.

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