18 April 2021
We tried the legend of cable protecting tubing for 1 TL!

We tried the legend of cable protecting tubing for 1 TL!

Expanding technological accessories and charging devices out of the box, the value of charging and data cables at our disposal has increased considerably. While most of the cables cause tearing and breakage problems over time, we have tried the macaron solution for you to protect these accessories.

It is possible to protect cables for 1 TL!

With macarons, it is possible to use your charging and data cables, which will compete with the increase in phone prices, for only 1 TL without any problems in the long term. If you wish, let us leave you alone with our video without further ado. Have a good time.

To buy macarons: http://bit.ly/38iRIxh

Any cable in our homes can be torn and damaged, causing much bigger and more troublesome problems. Thin cables such as phone charging cables are very fragile and weak in nature. Of course, this is also related to cable quality.

However, users who take good care of their accessories experience tearing and tearing. In order to prevent these problems physically, at least except for a technical problem, you can also make additional protection with the help of macarons.

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