30 July 2021
We tried the tool that makes all monitors Ambilight!

We tried the tool that makes all monitors Ambilight!

Ambilight technology behind the screen ambient lighting, which we know from televisions, is visually quite interesting. Keeping up with the content you watch, these smart LEDs are very useful in low light conditions. We brought this technology to the back of our monitor and experienced it.

We tried the tool that makes all monitors Ambilight!

If you want to add ambiance by mounting Ambilight technology behind a monitor, TV or other screen, this video guide is for you. If you wish, let us leave you alone with our video without further ado. Have a good time.

You can buy the kit that makes the monitor Ambilight here.

Ambibox: https://bit.ly/3pZCpzr
Prismatik: http://bit.ly/3q23IJq

CH340 Driver Windows: https://bit.ly/2MBICEe
CH340 Driver Mac: https://bit.ly/3aZ2LgS

DIY Project Codes:
Adalight Arduino Code: http://bit.ly/2NFYWEy
FastLED Library: http://bit.ly/3e0fjXj

We turned it into Ambilight with an approximately 2 meter long addressable LED strip on the back of the 32 inch monitor in our office. Fonilight provides a high-level ambience environment by providing backlighting according to the visual on your monitor thanks to the player lighting that follows the monitor.

In entertainment content such as games and movies, it increases the effect area of ​​the image and makes you feel like you are in the moment. Thanks to the program running in the background, it reads the color pixels on the monitor and transmits them to the addressable led. After the transmission, the edge pixels of the image on the monitor are projected onto the wall.

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