1 August 2021
We tried to buy a 1,600,000 TL car from Hepsiburada!

We tried to buy a 1,600,000 TL car from Hepsiburada!

Hepsiburada one of the e-commerce giant in Turkey, a platform to find many products at affordable prices to everyone from mobile phones and white goods. From Hepsiburada, which has recently started selling cars 1.600.000 TL Jeep Wrangler S2 Rubicon 2.0 We tried to buy the Bz At 4 × 4 car, what happened to us?

We tried to buy Jeep Wrangler S2 Rubicon 2.0 from Hepsiburada

If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado. Have a good time.

To buy Jeep Wrangler S2 Rubicon 2.0: https://bit.ly/31SaAzp

Wrangler, which is one of the cars that lives the originality of the Jeep brand, was created with all this extraordinary experience, ready to experience new adventures where you desire.

The Jeep brand’s off-road capabilities gain a new dimension with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon’s 32-inch mud and snow tires. Thanks to its 2.0 turbocharged engine and automatic powertrain, the Wrangler has a maximum 77.2: 1 creep ratio and offers advanced angles for superior off-road capabilities.

Five people can travel comfortably with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, which has the largest interior in its class. Functional storage areas in the center console, electric handbrake, soft touch dashboard provide you with an interior that is shaped for both daily driving and unique moments full of adventure. Tru-Lok front and rear electronic differential locks lock the power, distributing power evenly between the tires for maximum traction during low-speed rock climbing.

After trying to buy a Jeep Wrangler on Hepsiburada, we intended to buy Elon Musk’s Tesla car, entered the website and configured according to our wishes. In the payment step, our purchase of a car from Tesla, which requested prepayment, ended due to the lack of balance.

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