23 July 2021
We unpacked 70 different products in one video!

We unpacked 70 different products in one video!

Micropack, numerous accessory He sent a huge box to our office. Powerbank, webcam, converter, keyboard, fare we have out of the box various products such as. We took a quick look at the devices. On the other hand, after the box opening our surprise it will be.

The flagship killer OnePlus 9 Pro is out of the box!

70 Micropack accessories out of the box

In addition to practical accessories that make our lives easier, Micropack’s products for gamers there are also. Among the products we take out of the box; player headset, gamer keyboard You will also see such devices. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado. https://youtu.be/_BLevdJ3myY

You can view all the accessories at the links below:



As can be seen from the number of products we take out of the box Micropackon the accessory side with a rich product range Emerges. Your brand mobile and computer accessoriesaims to bring practicality to the digital world of people. On the other hand, the brand’s player accessories also attract attention. In addition to their features, Micropack player products draw a budget-friendly profile. You can review the products from the link we shared above.

We will have a gift for you

We mentioned in our video that we have a surprise for you. Some of the products we take out of the box will be yours. You must join our Discord server to win gifts.

Subscribe to our Discord server and keep in touch with us: https://bit.ly/SDNDiscordYouTube

Micropack accessories to be gifted:

Gaming HeadSet GH-01
Gaming Mouse Pad GP-320
Pro Stream Webcam
Gaming Mouse
Gaming Keyboard GK-10
Air Wave Lite
Gaming Cable
KM-218W klavye+mouse set
PB-20000 PD Powerbank
Traveller Pro MTA-318PD
MC-CC23 sarj kablosu
I-100 sarj kablosu

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