28 July 2021
What about these graphics cards?

What about these graphics cards?

The reduced workforce due to the coronavirus has negatively impacted most industries in the world, one of which was video card hardware. Both the decrease in the workforce and the collection of the graphics cards by the crypto money miners caused the standard users to not find stock. In this case, we evaluated the latest state of the graphics cards and developments.

Will RTX 3060 video card fix the stock issue?

The new graphics card RTX 3060, announced recently by NVIDIA to end stock problems, will be on sale as of February 25. Will we be able to buy the future cards with an ambitious starting price of 3.200 TL and pleasing the players? The answer is in our video. Have a good time.

Check out the graphics cards in stock: http://bit.ly/3aGWzd7

What are the new graphics card features of NVIDIA?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 features The most striking detail among the card 12 GB GDDR6 VRAM that it comes with. Same VRAM as RTX 3070 card with AMD’s plenty of VRAM Radeon RX 6000 series It was designed to combat.

3584 CUDA cores graphics card with 1.32 GHz base and 1.78 GHz increased clock speed comes with. 192-bit memory interface width RTX 3060 with 170W TDP have value. At least in the system as recommended by NVIDIA 550W PSUmust have.

Like RTX 3060 Ti a dual fan design the graphics card that comes with it, second generation RT and third generation Tensor cores uses. 8 nm Samsung card that has passed its production, DLSS 2.0 technology in supported games increase in performance provides opportunity. NVIDIA, especially focusing on DLSS and RTX technology, to the future of the game world He thinks he will give direction.

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