30 July 2021
What are the critical points in companies' e-mail needs?

What are the critical points in companies’ e-mail needs?

A channel for communicating on the internet regarding individual and corporate processes e-mail It continues to be seen as the most practical way that people can communicate with each other quickly and communicate officially.

Leading names in the internet world Hotmail, Gmail or Yandex E-mail can be obtained and used very easily from mail services such as. Although these e-mails are one of the most preferred services by individual users, they cannot meet most requests in case of heavy e-mail use or when large businesses prefer more than one e-mail use. At this stage, the preferences of the users Corporate Mail Hosting services are happening.

What is corporate mail service?

Corporate mail service professionally @ firmaadiniz.com It is a privileged e-mail service that you can open with an extension and assign to your employees by creating as many e-mails as you want. While e-mails are, of course, what businesses need most in the digital world, a correct hosting firm preference is also becoming very important.

Domestic mail

An e-mail service that can meet the expectations of companies, businesses and institutions must be uninterrupted and of course at a level that can meet the best of communication. In this sense, it is very important not to risk a glitch in the inbox and outbox of e-mails while performing corporate business processes in a professional manner. For this, it is important to choose the right company and to benefit from a competent and professional mail hosting company.

Facilitating corporate processes with professional e-mail solutions

Güzel Hosting is a hosting company that continues its activities in order to meet your e-mail needs in the best way possible with professional solutions. In Turkey, according to the statistics website hosting most of the server as a local brand, customers have the widest range of B2B and B2C business model is one of the companies.

100 thousand + website, in Turkey Nice Hosting are hosted by the servers where operational processes are operated. The brand, which has come to the fore with its corporate mail services for the last few years, is the choice of those who want to use a privileged and professional e-mail service.

Common features of the offered Corporate Mail service are as follows:

– Access all e-mails from anywhere with Webmail, which has rich Turkish language support.

– KVKK compliance

– Access your e-mails anytime, by setting up IMAP with Desktop / Mobile sync.

– Block more than 90% of incoming spam with Professional / Manageable email spam protection.

– With in-house e-mail calendar support and sharing, you can share your meetings with your team by adding your general available and busy times to the calendar, and manage a large organization professionally with a very simple interface.

– Antivirus, IOS / Android compatibility, CalDAV / CardDAV, Catch-All Mail Address and many more features.

Corporate Mail With service solutions, you can simplify the company’s business and benefit from reliable support and service in e-mail solutions. 1’den 500 + ‘e Güzel Hosting offers one-to-one solution to all your e-mail needs, regardless of the number of employees. KVKK’ya As Turkey continues its activities compatible with broadcast servers.

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