21 April 2021
What are the most popular CMD commands?  How to use?

What are the most popular CMD commands? How to use?

Most users are aware of its existence but don’t know much about what happened CMD commands actually Windows it has an important place for computers. In fact, it is one of the most essential features of the operating system.

First entered our lives in 1987 CMD, MS-DOS based is an application. However, CMD, which came up with the Windows NT operating system, continues to be used despite 35 years.

One of the important applications of the Windows operating system CMD what, CMD commands You can find the answers to questions such as what is it for, how to use it, in detail in your article.

What is CMD?

cmd commands

CMD, which first met with users in 1987, is still in use.

Komut These codes, also known as line application, are an application found on devices using the Windows operating system. coding consoleStop. In addition, by writing various codes into this console, you can access a lot of information such as the settings of the hardware in your computer or get error codes.

Getting into the CMD application is actually quite simple. “Windows + R“By making the screen that comes across”CMDAfter typing ”, you can open the application easily. CMD After the application is opened, you will have the opportunity to perform many operations by typing the command you want.

What are CMD commands? How to use?

With CMD commands, it is possible to go to the settings, applications and content you want in seconds.

We now know what CMD implementation is. Next, we have various codes and shortcuts that we will write to this console. These shortcuts and codes are called CMD commands. In addition, thanks to these codes, you have the opportunity to access the settings of the hardware in our computer, various data and programs within seconds.

All you have to do is know what code the content you want to open corresponds to. For this reason, you can easily access the content you want by typing the commands below into the code writing console (CMD).

The most popular CMD commands:

It is possible to do your operations very fast with many CMD commands in Windows. However, in order to use them, you must have basic knowledge.

The most popular CMD commands The codes we have compiled from are as follows:

taskmgr.exe Position: Task Manager

cleanmgr.exe Task: Disk cleaner

devmgmt.msc Position: Device Manager

cmd commands

appwiz.cpl Position: Add and remove programs

mspaint.exe Position: Paint program

cmd commands

compmgmt.msc Position: Computer Management

timedate.cpl Position: Date setting window

notepad.exe Position: Notebook

clipbrd.exe Position: Clipboard processor

ciadv.msc Position: Directory manager

charmap.exe Position: Allows you to set the characters.

calc.exe Position: Calculator

diskmgmt.msc Position: Disk management

dfrg.msc Position: Disk defragmenter

accwiz.exe Position: Accessibility wizard

desk.cpl Position: Image properties

eventvwr.exe Position: Event viewer

freecell.exe Position: Card game

fsmgmt.msc Position: Shared folders menu

hdwwiz.cpl Position: Add hardware wizard.

inetcpl.cpl Position: Internet features

intl.cpl Position: Region and language settings

magnify.exe Position: Magnifying glass

main.cpl Position: Mouse features

mmsys.cpl Position: Sound settings

ntbackup.exe Position: Backup wizard

nusrmgr.cpl Position: user accounts

osk.exe Position: Screen keyboard

spider.exe Position: Card game

msconfig.exe Position: System settings

verifier.exe Position: Driver monitor

drwtsn32.exe Position: Problem recognition tool

dxdiag.exe Position: DirectX version

mplay32.exe Position: Media Player simple version

odbcad32.exe Position: Database processing

packager.exe Position: Object wrapper

perfmon.exe Task: System monitor

progman.exe Position: Desktop manager

In this way, by typing various CMD commands, it is possible to access the program, settings and content you want within the Windows operating system within seconds.

It is also very useful especially for people working in the software and computer field. CMD commandsIt continues to be one of the greatest facilities of the Windows operating system.

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