4 August 2021
What did we experience with the phone in the military?  We told our memories!

What did we experience with the phone in the military? We told our memories!

Which phone is used in the military, which is one of the first questions that come to mind of those who go or will go to the military We gave the answer to the question in this video, along with our memories.

Which phone should be used in the military?

Turkey Sea and the soldier goes Esabil to complete his military service, he told the memories they had with the phone they use in the army. As everyone knows, we explained in detail what type of phone is used in military duty, where camera and personal lines are prohibited, and how to buy Askercell, Turkcell’s special line for soldiers.

To buy Hiking X11: https://bit.ly/3gn7P1q
To buy Samsung B310 Dual SIM: https://bit.ly/32sEzhS
To buy Samsung E1190: https://bit.ly/32tnB2E

We suggested three different phones for our citizens who will go to the military. The first of these Hiking X11 happened. The phone, which is in the form of a push-button phone as we know, has a 1.77 inch TFT screen. The phone, which is charged with MicroUSB, has an 800 mAh battery. Also listening to music etc. There is also no microSD card support for functions.

Our second phone is Samsung B310 Dual SIM. The phone, which comes out with a key phone structure, has dual SIM support, which is not found in most smartphones. The device with a 2 inch TFT screen has only 2G as the network. The phone, which has a capacity of 800 mAh on the battery side, has 11 hours of talk time.

Our last phone Samsung E1190 became a model. The device, which has an oyster-lid structure instead of a flat design, has a 1.43 inch CSTN display. With only 2G, this phone has a maximum talk time of 6 hours and a maximum standby time of 570 hours. The capacity of the battery, which is charged with the Samsung S20 Pin input instead of the MicroUSB connection, is 800 mAh.

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