18 April 2021
What is a CHZ coin?  What's behind the record everyone talks about?

What is a CHZ coin? What’s behind the record everyone talks about?

Crypto coins that have entered our lives with Bitcoin have started to be talked about more than the normal stock market today. Especially, Bitcoin’s value exceeding 300 thousand TL levels and the mobility in hundreds of crypto currencies defined as altcoins enable people to focus on this area. Well, which has become quite popular lately What is a CHZ coin? How much is a CHZ (chiliz) coin?

What is CHZ Coin? – Chiliz

A digital currency of CHZ, which is used extensively in sports and entertainment platforms. And the fact that it is designed for use in this field is the biggest difference with other cryptocurrencies. CHZ (Chiliz), first released in 2018, Ethereum based ERC-20 token defined as.

What is CHZ Coin?  - Chiliz

Such as Barça, Atlético de Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Juventus, AS Roma, Galatasaray and Barcelona sports clubs around the world Those who invest in Chiliz, who signed an agreement with, have the opportunity to have a say on the teams.

With this token, which is not limited to regular sports clubs and is preferred by e-sports teams, fans can have a say in many matters from the designs of the club’s jerseys and products, to where the friendly matches will be held and who will be the best player.

Total supply 8.888.888.888 CHZ The circulating supply of the crypto money, which is 5,442,094,892 CHZ, that is 61 percent, is in circulation as of March 2021. Request “What is a CHZ coin?” These are the features of the currency that raises the question. Let’s get to the current prices …

How much is CHZ? Why did Chiliz suddenly become popular?

Why was Chiliz (CHZ) suddenly on the agenda? The answer to the question is, as many people can guess, its value increases in an instant. Until about 1 month ago $ 0.023 was at the level. CHZ, who went on the attack this week, 0.2655 dollars rose to the level. Especially, the coin, which has attacked as of March 1, has been around in the last 1 week. 280 percent value won.

Chiliz, who has been advancing in a very straight line for the last 1 year, suddenly jumped. It enabled the people who invested to make very serious profits. Of course, after this increase, crypto money became the subject of discussion in forums and groups. It is a matter of curiosity how the next course of CHZ will be.

Note: The data we share is valid as of March 9, 2021 – 16:05. There is a serious difference in values ​​when you read this article as there is a change every second.

“What is CHZ Coin?” We gave the answer to the question. You can also write your opinion in the comments.

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