30 July 2021
What is Bitay?  Bitay also came to the fore in Thodex panic

What is Bitay? Bitay also came to the fore in Thodex panic

Turkey Thodex After the hit, Vebitcoin decided to close. On the same day, complaints started to come from Bitay, who knows as the domestic crypto money exchange. The company was on the agenda in social media. So what is the crypto money exchange Bitay? Why did it come up? We have compiled all the details in our news.

Shares on Twiter

Many stock market investors claimed that they could not trade on Twiter and that the company justified technical problems.

Investors claimed that xrp transactions could not be performed for days, and some users also claimed that they had problems with account verification.

Journalist Rasim Özhan Kütahyalı also complained that he received a complaint about the suspension of Bitay transactions; He shared that he conveyed the situation to Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu on his Twitter account. After this sharing, many people expressed their complaints about the company and shared images that no action could be taken. Some users stated that the allegations were not true.

It is also among the allegations that the company’s Telegram account has been closed.

The posts on Twiter are as follows:

What is Bitay?

Turkey’s crypto currency as the stock market came up with the name of saving campaign announcing the invitation Bitay. YT Technopark Blockcha the project with the Ministry of Industry and Technology Ministry and the promotion of R & D projects with the approval of the companies has made its name with the slogan of Turkey’s most reliable crypto-currency exchange.

Global stock markets with crypto solution partnership makes the company one of the companies with the most product variety and volume of the market in Turkey.

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