21 April 2021
What is BitClout that celebrities turn into cryptocurrency?

What is BitClout that celebrities turn into cryptocurrency?

TwitterBitClout, which is the most popular people against cryptocurrencies in to crypto money transforms. In this way BitClout Users with an account can earn income through their accounts. Up to the present 15 bin There are quite remarkable names on the platform where the name is converted into crypto currency.

Recently, Elon Musk, the most striking name in cryptocurrencies, ranks first on the platform. Bill Gates, Katty Perry, Selene Gomez such as the leading names of the society. But BitClout Since the accounts of these names are automatically created on the platform, many of the famous names do not use their own accounts yet.

Every step you take in BitClout turns into money

As we are used to seeing from the Clubhouse, an invitation is required to enter BitClout. When you find and enter an invitation to the platform, which is in the closed beta version, a limited area awaits you. Because you have to pay for every step you take here. For example, if you want to follow an account or share anything, then you are obliged to pay.

In addition, the price of payments with Bitcoin $ 140 Let us point out that you can do it by purchasing BitClout currency worth. It is also possible to invest in cryptocurrencies on the platform. for example Elon Musk, Obama veya Gates Coins of names such as You can take.

The fact that the accounts are automatically transferred on the BitClout side brings with it the thought that the platform is fraudulent. However, they themselves “diamondhands” The founding team stated that BitClout is not fraudulent. The team also revealed its vision and investors.

On the other hand, the team Instagram, YouTube, ve Twitter He states that social networks like, do not support content producers.

BitClout provides direct funding by popular names and fans of the community. The platform also lays the foundations for a new crypto social network, content creators and celebrities strengthens the foundations of its own platform with its power.

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