19 April 2021
What is Growth Hacking?  How is it done?  Here are the techniques

What is Growth Hacking? How is it done? Here are the techniques

Companies aim to grow with marketing methods. Growth Hacking is a marketing method that leads to this goal. So what is Growth Hacking, how is it done? Who is Growth Hacker? We explained the answers to all these questions in our article.

Growth Hacking nedir?

We can define Growth Hacking, which is a digital marketing method, as the strategy to grow in the shortest way. We see this planning mostly in new internet initiatives. However, social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter are also working on Growth Hackin.

The most popular answer to the question of what is Growth Hacking is ‘hacking growth’. The reason for this is that the method is implemented with small budgets and reaches the target in a short time. The word ‘hack’ is used because it has both low cost and rapid growth.

How is Gworth Hacking done and what are the techniques?

Companies implement the marketing strategy, which aims to grow in a fast and practical way, through a certain model. We can show the ‘AARRR’ coding as an answer to the question of how to Growth Hacking. AAARR stands for:

Acquisition (New user acquisition)

Activation (Activating users)

Retention (Retention of acquired active users)

Referral (User acquisition by referrals)

Revenue (Income generation)

The above items are the roadmap for Growth Hacking. Firms plan and implement how they will construct the model for themselves. At the same time, different techniques come into play during this process.

Growth Hacking

There are different techniques for companies to grow fast. However, we can basically divide the techniques needed by Growth Hacking into three. ‘Growth hacking’ can be accomplished through content marketing, social media and advertising work methods.

Content marketing aims to gain users through content production. In this context, companies prepare content that will appeal to their audiences determined as a result of the analysis. Thus, they gain an organic traffic.

On the social media side, companies also do special studies for the audience they determine. Thus, companies aim to gain new users through social media.

Advertising studies are the most comprehensive of these techniques. Institutions try to influence their target audience by taking advantage of all the blessings of the digital world.

Successful Growth Hacking example

There are numerous examples of Growth Hacking. The ‘waiting list’ method is one of the most popular formulas. Mailbox welcomed people who wanted to become a member with a waiting screen. The application, which showed that there were thousands of people in the queue, thus conducted a Growth Hacking study to provide ‘trust’.

Who is Growth Hacker?

Growth Hacker is the person who draws the Growth Hacking roadmap for companies. The working area of ‚Äč‚Äčthese people is digital marketing. Also Growth Hackers; They are experts in SEO, data analysis, content production, and so on.

Growth Hackers such as Sean Ellis, Andy Johns, Dan Martell, Neil Patel can be followed on this issue.

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