5 August 2021
What operating system does Bill Gates use?  Answered

What operating system does Bill Gates use? Answered

Co-founder of Microsoft and one of the richest names in the world Bill Gatesis one of the fathers of technology. Of course, it is a matter of wonder which operating system such a name uses in the technology world. Bill Gates answered questions about Android and iOS in a Clubhouse chat he attended. Well What operating system does Bill Gates use?

What operating system does Bill Gates use?

Bill Gates attended At the clubhouse meeting He spoke on many issues, from climate change to COVID-19. The interview that took place said that he had recently published “How to Avoid a Climate DisasterAlthough the questions asked about the book, of course, it was not only about this. When asked about his thoughts on Android, Gates replied:

“I actually have an Android phone. I use an iPhone because I want to keep track of everything, but I also have an Android with me. “

What operating system does bill gates use

Then to him iOS ve Android He was asked about the competition between the companies, but he did not answer most of these questions. The remarkable one among his answers is as follows:

“Some Android manufacturers come preloaded with Microsoft apps, and that makes my job easier. There is a freer structure about the communication of applications with the operating system. So I started getting used to it. Despite this, most of my friends use iPhones. “

This meeting took place Clubhouse application is only available on iPhone. So we cannot give a clear answer to the question of which operating system Bill Gates is using. Still, it is obvious that he uses iOS more often, although he does not skimp on Android.

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