30 July 2021
What products will Apple introduce tonight?

What products will Apple introduce tonight?

Technology manufacturers adhere to tradition for years and promote their products live. Apple is one of the manufacturers that offers this in a way that will appeal to technology lovers. Apple’s, with the clock of our country at 20.00 tonight We have listed the products that are expected to be promoted at the event.

What products will Apple promote? Here are the expectations

Before almost every event, analysts mention products that are likely to be promoted. There are also predictions about the event we will watch tonight.

iPad Pro


One of Apple’s most popular products 2021 model of iPad Pro we expect to see you tonight. 11 and 12.9 inch There may be two new models, namely. As powerful as Apple’s M1 chip on both models A14X hope to see your chip. No major changes are expected from this device compared to the previous generation.

Some of the things about speaker design and camera design fine touches can be done. Thunderbolt The addition of technology seems to be another major innovation. If this technology is included, the new iPad models will support fast data transfer and image transfer to monitors.

ipad pro 2021

Other than the processor, the other big innovation expected comes from the screen. 12.9 inch We expect the mini-LED screen to be used in the model. Mini-LED displays It offers native HDR support with impressive color gamut performance. Since their production is quite costly, only one iPad Pro It is possible to see it in the model.

Apple Pencil 3

apple pencil

Although the future is not clear tonight third generation Apple PencilLet’s talk about what we hope to see. Compared to the previous two generations glossy surface and black color options We expect the addition of design details such as. Let us remind you that the claims about this product are weak and few. That’s why we’re likely to see you tonight not very high.

iPad mini 6

ipad mini 6

If you remember, the mini variant we came across with the iPhone 12 was not very successful. For iPad, this is different, as they are very popular. iPad mini 6 it will not involve major changes if it comes. According to rumors Touch ID We will see a device with a feature and thick bezels. It is quite possible that we will see a model that looks quite similar to its predecessor.

In the new generation iPad mini 8.5 to 9 inches large screen option and 7.9 inch we can see a smaller screen option. We don’t expect to see the radical design changes we see from time to time on the iPad mini 6.

Affordable iPad

What products will apple introduce

It is time for the eighth generation iPad to be renewed. We haven’t heard much leakage about this product, but it would be a logical step to renew it this year. We expect a thinner and lighter body to come with a 10.5-inch screen.

Keeping the price low will be the biggest claim of this product. On the device A13 chip and 4GB RAM we are waiting to see you. Lightning login and Touch ID are also expected to remain the same.

Which products will Apple introduce: AirTags

What products will apple introduce

AirTags, which is a product whose future is certain but cannot be determined when it will come, may really be coming this time. Since Apple has opened its program for finding accessories on the network to developers, we hope that it will come this time.

AirTags, with a wide coverage area, will keep you in touch with your phone and ensure that you do not lose the position of the objects it is affixed to. Simple but life-saving We have expectations from these products, which can be seen as, especially in terms of price. We hope that the price of this product will be low, although we cannot see many similar ones. Because if a vehicle that ensures we do not lose expensive things gets lost, it hurts us more.

coming with iPhone 11 U1 chipwas bringing network communication to a wider coverage area. This chip AirTags could be a key factor for

The known design details are very few. Still, a design close to the above image wouldn’t be bad. What products will Apple promote We are most curious about this product in the title.

What products will Apple introduce: The next generation iMac

new generation imac

The design of iMacs has not changed much for many years. Except for make-up, we searched for radical changes with candles. It is considered certain that this will change this year. Apple’s Pro Display XDR We expect it to introduce an almost frameless design similar to its monitors.

One of the new iMacs 23-24 inches in sizewe expect the other to be 27 inches in size. There are strong claims that the design will be similar to last year’s iPad Air.

It can be regarded as a nice detail that it has rich color options, just like the iPad Air. Also, with this model, we expect an iMac to use an Apple Silicon processor for the first time. This processor can come with up to 32 high performance cores and 16 or 32 core GPUs, faster than its predecessors.

This product is known to arrive later this year, but it is only a possibility that it will be introduced tonight. We can also see it at events to be held in summer or autumn.

MagSafe powered powerbank

magsafe powered charging pack

Magsafe-powered charging packs, which are expected to be glued and used on the back of the iPhone at any time, will be the remedy for those suffering from battery problems. Name of this product In iOS 14.5 beta codes we have seen According to some sources, Apple still needs to fix some heat issues. Still, let’s say we have the possibility to see it tonight.

Which products will Apple introduce: iOS 14.5 release date

ios 14.5

iOS 14.5 since February testing in beta and its publication is no longer a distant prospect. The full list of features that come with the latest beta updates increases our excitement. The beta process is now approaching the end of phase eight. The fact that the stage has not yet been completed makes us unlikely to learn a date tonight.

Among the features added during the iOS 14.5 beta process support for dual 5G SIM cards and Unlock with Apple Watch There are important innovations such as.

Other products in the coming

Apple TV

apple tv

Apple TV, which has a large user base, has not been updated since 2017. We know that the company is working on a new 4K-supported model. We will not see the new Apple TV with 4K support, more powerful processor and higher storage capacity tonight. We expect to hear news about this product in the middle of the year.

AirPods 3

airpods 3

Apple’s anticipated third generation AirPods excite us a lot. It’s been a few years since the second generation debuted and we still haven’t seen a third model other than the AirPods Pro. AirPods 3 are not among the products expected tonight. Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuothe serial production date of AirPods 3. third quarter of the year is one of the biggest reasons for this.

Also, Apple is working on AirPods Pro 2. It can be a good combo to introduce the two on the same date.

MacBook Pro

Which products will apple introduce

Apple new design With 14 and 16 inch screens and develops the new MacBook Pro. A new Apple Silicon We don’t expect to see the new MacBook Pro with a processor until half of this year. It is also known that there will be more connection entries.

In this content What products will Apple introduce tonight We tried to find an answer to the question. The list has been prepared in line with the estimates.

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