18 April 2021
WhatsApp CEO hits Apple

WhatsApp CEO hits Apple

WhatsApp CEO’su Will Cathcart In an interview he gave Apple iMessage He touched on the difficulties of competing with. It is also the manager of the popular messaging application, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy He also shared remarkable explanations on it.

Popular technology-oriented podcast program Big Technology Podcastspeaking to Will Cathcart answered the questions posed to him. On Apple’s own ecosystem it is unfair to other third party apps Voicing, the official shared the details of the competition with its users.

WhatsApp CEO harshly criticizes rival iMessage

Posted on a weekend to the podcast program Cathcart as a guest, Apple He made harsh statements about. While the official said that WhatsApp clearly sends its privacy policies to users; iMessagedid not do this with the following sentences:

You don’t see a privacy notice for iMessage when you download it. Because you are not downloading iMessage. Your phone has already been downloaded automatically when you start it. We criticize this.

WhatsApp has been around for a while in some restricted areas, especially India. direct money sending testing the system. Stating that there is an inclusive clause in the privacy policy for this, Will Cathcart says that Apple does not do this. For Sending money from iMessage as well possible. But the WhatsApp CEO accuses Apple of not posting this on privacy tags.

“Apple doesn’t want people to use Android phones”

Cathcart, CEO of WhatsApp, who received intense criticism against his rivals in the program, not wanting people to use Android phones accused. For this reason, he states that the company is also taking a stand against WhatsApp and similar applications. According to Cathcart, this presents a strategic interest for Apple.

Expressing that he uses an Android smartphone in his daily life, Will Cathcart is in the Apple ecosystem. Applications of Android are not sufficiently supported emphasizes:

I am using an Android phone. If you look at WhatsApp’s user base anyway, we weigh more on Android. I am also using an iPad. I have used iPhones for many years, but I really want to use a product the way most people do. That’s why I switched to Android. We develop our products for both operating systems and try to understand everyone.

WhatsApp CEO also spoke about new privacy policies

Finally Cathcart, the much talked about new WhatsApp privacy policy He also recorded a few sentences about. The company manager stated that these changes are only related to communication with businesses, not for users:

This update does not change anything about the privacy of your personal messages. There is no change in this. But we only explain some new business features for people to communicate with businesses. People don’t have to do this, they are in control.

But what do you think of WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart’s statements? You can share your ideas about the competition with Apple, Android debate and new privacy agreements with us.

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