5 August 2021
WhatsApp takes Telegram's legendary feature!

WhatsApp takes Telegram’s legendary feature!

Receiving innovations one after the other WhatsApp right now voice messages is making a development that will comfort the users. That feature, which has been used in many other messaging applications for years, will soon come to WhatsApp.

New reports emerging, playback speed adjustment to voicemail feature showed that he would bring. However, as it is known, this feature was previously encountered by mobile users in various applications. Telegram The function we are familiar with from platforms such as finally Facebook developers It was understood that he was also noticed by.

WhatsApp brings playback speed options for voice messages

A reliable resource WABetaInfo The feature, announced for the first time by the platform, was discovered among the secret codes of the platform. The statement made by the source stating that they will share the screenshots soon is as follows:

WhatsApp is finally testing the option to change the playback speed for voice messages. This feature is under development. It will be available to users in an update for iOS and Android in the future.

Leaked feature to WhatsApp users save time on voicemail will provide. If you do not have time to sit for a long time and listen to all the audio recordings, this may not be of interest to you. But if you want to listen and pass in a snap, Time-lapse up to 2X somehow you will be able to listen to your messages.

As of now, the development of this feature continues. Probably first Beta The feature that will be presented to its users, then iOS and Android will be added to the stable version of the application on their device. It is estimated that we will not wait long for all this to happen. Overlooked by WhatsApp, which quickly closes the differences with its competitors, the voicemail setting will soon become available.

If you have not encountered this feature in other applications so far, the following Telegram screenshot you can take a look. The voicemail options to be added by WhatsApp will look more or less like this:

Telegram voice messages

What do you think about this late but critical feature of WhatsApp, are you interested?

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