4 August 2021
Which iPhone 13 models will come with a 120Hz display?

Which iPhone 13 models will come with a 120Hz display?

Introduced last September, the iPhone 12 models were disappointing in the display, although they were ahead of their competitors in many respects. This year finally in all models LCD instead YOU ARE passing to the panel Apple, refresh rate 60Hz’de leaving it lagged behind its rivals. US company, iPhone 13 plans to change this situation in models.

According to the information received Apple, new models to be released 120HZ offering a high refresh rate LTPO will use screens. The latest shared leak revealed which phones will use this screen technology.

Which iPhone 13 models will come with LTPO screen?

Allegations made a while ago, Apple’s only one iPhone 13 model this year LTPO It was that it would use a screen with high refresh rate technology. This information, which is not verified by official sources, Apple it pissed off the fans. But Ross Young The information from the reliable analyst named, was able to relieve the users.


About the subject Twitter’who also makes a share Young, “Recently, the media and the industry Apple’in only one model LTPO I hear rumors that he will use a screen. I can confirm that this is not the case. ” said.

Although LTPO Although it won’t be exclusive to one phone, this is all iPhone 13 It does not mean that the models will come out with the same technology. Answering a question posed to him on this subject Young, new screen technology only Pro He added that it will appear in models. However, this information is not finalized at the moment. To learn all the details about new models, September We have to wait for the launch in month.

What is an LTPO screen?

LTPO screen, YOU ARE Refers to a specific type of technology that appears on screens. What we see in many products such as smart watches and phones OLED, LED It works the same way. But LED It provides more efficiency by using thin, light-emitting films instead of bulbs. In this way, the energy consumed is significantly reduced. LTPO with the display controller to achieve a dynamic refresh rate of this technology. GPU It is a version that does not need additional components. Standard OLED This method, which is more efficient, provides a higher refresh rate. Apple developed by LTPO technology, so far mostly Samsung appeared on the phones.

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