19 April 2021
Which player headset should we buy for 600 TL?

Which player headset should we buy for 600 TL?

Many gamers can get confused about purchasing headphones. HP X1000 and Omen Blast We compared the gaming performances of the headset models. We are here with the review video of the headphones that can be bought for 600 TL.

HP X1000 & Omen Blast Headset review

ShiftDelete.Net We continue to appear with different content on the YouTube channel. In this video, we examined the HP X1000 and Omen Blast headset models. If you wish, let’s not extend the word further and leave you alone with our video.

HP X1000 Wireless Gaming Headset: https://amzn.to/3sMxmEt
HP Gaming Omen Blast Gaming Headset: https://amzn.to/3b9ZI5s

To 50mm Neodymium driver HP X1000 model, with USB receiver thanks to it is used wirelessly. The device, which is described as a wireless headset, draws attention with its content communication protocol and low latency.

In the HP X1000 model, 100 Hz with 6 KHz The microphone, which can detect the frequencies between, exceeds expectations in terms of performance. Supporting frequency values ​​between 20 Hz and 20 KHz, the device has a sound sensitivity of 95 dB. 7.1 Surround Equipped with sound technology, the model works seamlessly with PlayStation and Mac devices.

Omen Blast model with wired gaming headset, 53mm driver Thanks to it, it offers higher sound than the HP X1000 model. The model that meets the expectations in terms of movie, music and game performance with its 7.1 Surround technology, unidirectional passive noise cancellation have the system. In addition, the device, which can be adjusted with equalizer through the Omen Command Center application, is also compatible with game consoles.

The Omen Blast model, with both USB and 3.5 mm jack inputs, has a better usage experience than the HP X1000.

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