1 August 2021
Who are the Bumblebee actors and characters?

Who are the Bumblebee actors and characters?

Bumblebee It is a prominent film among the science fiction productions shot in the USA. The movie is now NetflixAlso included in. Bumblebee is the sixth movie in the Transformers series. We also see how Bumblebee lost his voice in this movie.

What is the subject of Bumblebee?

Film’of Bumblebee named Transformers The focus is on the character. The film has been previously shot as a spin-off (by-product). Later, shooting resumed and came as a movie in the series. Who lost the civil war on the planet Cybertron Optimus Prime Autobots led by him are retreating from the planet. Meanwhile, Bumblebee sends the world to build a base. Bee falls into the middle of a military unit exercising at that time. Bee managed to escape from there somehow, Volkswagen BeetleIt turns into it by scanning. Main character Charli Watsonfinds Bee in the junkyard and things start here. Film 1980It takes place in the 1970s and contains less robots than previous movies.

Bumblebee players

Starring in the movie directed by Travis Knight Hailee Steinfield, John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr, John Ortiz, Jason Drucker and Pamela Adlon. The talented actor characterizes Bumblebee. Dylan O’Brien sang and played. Movie first Berlin on 3 December 2018It premiered in. Later USA on December 21, 2018In ‘, he entered the big screen. The movie that hit the big screen is around the world Revenue of 468 million dollars making it the lowest grossing film of the series.

Bumblebee players and its characters:

Hailee Steinfeld – Charlie
Jorge Lendeborg Jr. – Memo
John Cena – Agent Burns
Jason Drucker – Otis
Pamela Adlon – Sally
Stephen Schneider – Ron
Ricardo Hoyos – Tripp
John Ortiz – Dr. Powell
Glynn Turman – General Whalen
Len Cariou – Uncle Hank
Kollin Holtz – Craig
Gracie Daily – Tina
Fred Dryer – Sheriff Lock
Isabelle Ellingson – Mean Girlfriend
Mika Kubo – Mean Girlfriend

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