21 April 2021
Who is Astor Piazzolla?  It was a doodle on Google!

Who is Astor Piazzolla? It was a doodle on Google!

Google reminds people and events that have an important place in history through the Doodles it prepares. We see Turkey as well as famous names from the world at the time when we face this feature. World famous musician Astor Piazzolla, 100 years old It became doodle. So who is Astor Piazzolla?

Who is Astor Piazzolla?

Astor piazzollais known as the world famous bandoneon player. 11 Mart 1921 Piazzolla, who was born, settled in New York in 1937. He got his first bandoneon at the age of eight and learned to play both the instrument and the piano as a child. His family returned to Mar del Plata in 1936. Piazzolla, He continued his musical life with various tango orchestras. In 1946 he founded his own orchestra, composed new works and experimented with the sound and structure of tango. At the same time, he started composing music for the movie. Dissolving his orchestra in 1949 Piazzollacontinued to be interested in classical composition.

astor piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla, symphonic work Buenos Aires (1951) went to Paris by winning a composition contest with. Here, the famous conductor Nadia Boulanger supported her training to continue tango and pursue her career. He returned to Argentina in 1955. When he returned to Argentina, he had violin, electric guitar and piano. New Tango’yu Quintet (1960) founded. It was greatly appreciated in the United States and Europe. Moving to Paris in 1974, Piazzolla returned to Argentina in 1985. In Argentina, Piazzolla’s tango style gradually gained acceptance. His music influenced a new generation of tango composers and appeared in 1970s / 80s movie soundtracks, television shows and commercials.

More than 100 registrants Astor piazzollaHe gave concerts with the musicians of the Paris Opera Orchestra String Ensemble and La Scala Opera Orchestra. His bandoneon concertos have been interpreted by world famous orchestras.

Google Doodle his team did not forget Astor Piazzolla, who devoted his life to music and orchestra, on his birthday.

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