14 April 2021
Who uses which phone in SDN office?

Who uses which phone in SDN office?

We continue our SDN in-office videos. We take a close look at who is using which phone in the SDN office upon the intense demand from you. ShiftDelete.Net who is using which phone in his office?

Which phones do people in the SDN office use?

In this video, we answer the question of who uses which phone in ShifDelete.Net office. We also ask everyone in the office about the phone model they have in mind.

You can watch this pleasant in-office video from the video below. Have a good time …

With our SDN in-office videos, we both open the doors of the office we work to our followers and get the chance to talk about different topics. You can download all of our in-office videos at our YouTube address.Views from the SDN office“You can access it from the playlist.

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