30 July 2021
Why didn't iMessage come to Android?  Here's the answer!

Why didn’t iMessage come to Android? Here’s the answer!

Apple years ago iMessage messaging service named Android could present it to its users. However, the latest reports have revealed that the company did not do this on purpose.

Epic Games and Apple continuing between antitrust case continues to reveal new documents. In the last hearing between the two parties, Apple’s iMessageDocumentation regarding the ability to cross compatible with Android has been published. For competitive reasons, the company decided to keep the popular messaging service within its ecosystem.

Apple doesn’t want to lose its users to Android

Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue, came up with striking statements in the company’s ongoing lawsuit with Epic Games. The company’s iMessage for Android Cross compatible with iOS Stating that Cue may have made a working version, Cue said that the users of both platforms could communicate with each other without any problems. message exchange He said it was actually possible for them to do it.


Apple did not release iMessage on Android for competitive reasons.

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi made similar statements to de Cue. According to Federighi Having iMessage on Androidwill enable families to move away from iPhones to buy a cheap phone for their kids. So the company iOS specific he decides to keep it.

“Moving the iMessage app to Android will hurt us”

These two remarkable statements come to mind, the company’s App Store manager. Phil Schillerreminded me of the statement of 2016. Schiller, move iMessage to Android to Apple that it will do more harm than help had said. In line with this, Apple wants to add users to its own structure and keep them closed on its ecosystem.

iMessage still Android Not available on operating system platforms. Application in the future Google Play StoreIt seems unlikely that he will come to Turkey. The iMessage service, which started in 2011, is now iOS, macOS and watchOS It can be used on devices with an operating system. Popular messaging service only iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac published in models.

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