18 April 2021
Why is WhatsApp and Instagram not opening?  Did it crash?

Why is WhatsApp and Instagram not opening? Did it crash?

Popular social media apps Instagram and WhatsApp crashed for a short time. Users could not access both platforms, with the crash issue resolving after a few hours. The reason for the inability to login problem in applications is not yet known. Pending official release, users “WhatsApp crashed? Why can’t Instagram be entered “ looking for the answer to the question.

WhatsApp and Instagram crashed? why doesn’t it open?

When users tried to login to Instagram and WhatsApp, they had an access problem. It is not clear why WhatsApp and Instagram collapsed while the news of the hacking were overlapping. While no official statement was made, a lot of users on social media said, “I can’t log in to WhatsApp, Instagram isn’t working? Has it collapsed? ” He made shares in the form. However, the problem experienced by the users was short-lived. Because the problem for a few hours has been resolved and users can access both applications at the moment.


Instagram’a users entering 5xx Server Error encountered an error. An explanation is expected regarding the access problem to popular social media platforms. Also in the evening Websites of companies including Pegasus and Acer were attacked by hackers.

On the other hand, on Twitter, another social media site, users brought the crash of Instagram and WhatsApp to the agenda with great speed. #Whatsapp tag on Turkey’s agenda rose to first place in a short time, many users are sharing on Facebook and made witty about CEO Mark Zuckerberg’l which of these two companies.

During the problems faced by Instagram and WhatsApp, it did not go unnoticed that it was concentrated on sites such as Telegram.

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