14 April 2021
Why will phone prices go down?  - ShiftDelete.Net

Why will phone prices go down? – ShiftDelete.Net

Produced in Turkey Samsung on signed entry-level smartphones 1.000 TL‘% discount was made. Due to taxes 3.000 TLThe prices of the models with the starting segment are up to 3. 1.300 TLIt fell until the ‘s. But the situation started production in Turkey and what Oppo case for Xiaomi?

Android phones will be cheaper!

Turkey’s smartphones domestic production initiatives It started to bear fruit. According to the news of Hanife Baş from Milliyet Newspaper, prices 2.500 TL to 3.000 TL varying entry-level Samsung models offered to consumers with a discount. When Xiaomi As of today, Turkey is considered to begin production testing at the factory, the future awaits us shape how a phone pricing?

Samsung’s domestic production move Mustafa Kemal Turnacı evaluated the reflections of this in our country as he started the attack:

“A01 series Samsung phones, previously 2.500 – 3.000 TL was at the level. who is currently produced in Turkey From 1,300 – 1,500 TL started to be sold. The domestic production move brought the entry level in mobile phones to the price band that should be. “

Production of telephone calls made in the case in Turkey Made in Turkey While it is learned that the phrase (Turkish Made) is included; these unique discounts middle and advanced segment devices whether to apply or not was a question mark. However, Mustafa Kemal Turnacı answered this question negatively. Samsung in our country only beginner phones It was reported that the upper segments do not include these discounts because it produces.

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