21 April 2021
Why won't iPhone SE 3 release?  Here's the answer

Why won’t iPhone SE 3 release? Here’s the answer

iPhone SE 2020It was an extraordinary phone for Apple. Fans have been searching for a more affordable iPhone for years, and the company has finally managed to delight iPhone enthusiasts with this device, four years after the original iPhone SE.

As Apple said iPhone 13 with series iPhone 12 Unlike the relationship between his family, he has recently “Affordable” an iPhone is not expected. Why is this in recent history iPhone SEIt is thought to be unlikely to see the continuation of. For this reason, at the event where Apple will reveal its new devices on March 23, a iPhone SE 3 we are unlikely to see it.

Jon Prosser leaked products to be promoted

as you will remember iPhone SE 2020was not introduced at the iPad Pro event in March last year. The affordable smartphone was introduced differently in April instead.

It should also be noted that the event, which is expected to take place on March 23, has not been officially approved yet. On the other hand, according to the information leaked by Jon Prosser, yeni iPad Pro, Apple AirTags, Apple’ın AirPodhinted at a new version of his’ s.

There are a number of possible reasons for the iPhone SE 3 not on this list for 2021, according to TechRadar.

iPhone SE 2020 Wi-Fi 6

1. Too early

The first reason is thought to be that the upcoming event will be a super fast turnaround for a new iPhone SE. The first Special Edition iPhone came in 2016, when the brand tried a more affordable phone alongside the iPhone 7 series. Then there was silence in that realm for a long time. Several iPhone SE 2 rumors have surfaced. However, initially there was no clear indication of when we would see the phone. It’s finally four years later, so Apple doesn’t seem to intend to make this an annual affair.

There could be a faster turnaround for the iPhone SE 3. Therefore, it is not expected that four years will be waited for a new model to come.

2.No rumors

Before the iPhone SE 2 arrived, there were various leaks and rumors about what to expect from a cheaper iPhone. The device, originally referred to as iPhone 9, was introduced as iPhone SE 2020.

If we see a new affordable Apple phone, more solid information is expected to come from at least some sources. There is nothing definite on the matter right now, so we have to wait until 2022 at the earliest.

3. Where are the extra pieces?

Another point to consider is, Apple‘in iPhone SE using older models for the basis of their phones. This means it supports old designs and parts to make cheaper phones.

For example, the original iPhone SE, iPhone 5S while having the same design as, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8 It had the same design as. Both of these phones came out at least two years after the models they imitated their designs for. If this will be a model for SE series, iPhone SE 3It is expected that Apple will emulate the design of the iPhone X, the next design refresh offered after the iPhone 8.

So if Apple plans to continue reorganizing old designs, features, and phone parts like this, we’ll probably have to wait a few years for the next model, according to Techradar.

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